Starter Kit

Starter Kit

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Start HERE with the FREE Starter Kit: Step 1:

“Make Millions with Real Estate” FREE Starter Kit ~ A Series of Simple Steps


The 7 Preparation Steps


Step 1: Review What’s Included in The Starter Kit“Make Millions with Real Estate” FREE Starter Kit

  1. Opportunity of a Lifetime
  2. About the Business
  3. Set Your Mind Set
  4. Self-Evaluation Form
    • Strengths & Weaknesses: what you have to work with-Internal: personal, education, experience, etc.
    • Identifying and Filling in the Gaps-External: contacts and connections; cash, financing, contractors, etc.
  5. GPS’s Goal, Plan, Systems Form
Step 2: Download your “Make Millions with Real Estate” FREE Starter Kit

PDF Downloads Audio Downloads
A Guided Tour A Guided Tour
Opportunity of a Lifetime Opportunity of a Lifetime
About the Business About the Business
Set Your Mindset Set Your Mindset
Step 3: Listen to “Make Millions with Real Estate” FREE Starter Kit
Step 4: Complete the Self-Evaluation Form- Download Form
Step 5: Decide What You Want to Do
Step 6: Choose your Target Market
Step 7: Complete Your GPS Form- Download Form



The 5 Action Steps


Step 1: Drive Your Chosen Neighborhoods / Identify the Sellers
Step 2: Call on all the Listings
Step 3: Interview the Agents
Step 4: Analyze the Properties
Step 5: Structure Winning Offers

PDF Downloads Audio Downloads
Drive Your Chosen Neighborhoods Drive Your Chosen Neighborhoods
Call on all the Listings Call on all the Listings
Interview the Agents Interview the Agents
Analyze the Properties Analyze the Properties
Structure Winning Offers Structure Winning Offers